Are you ready to shift?


Healthy nutrition is about much more that what you eat and drink. It's about much more than losing pounds, having clear skin, or feeling less fatigued so you can do even more than you are doing now.  It's about making life simple again.  Why simplify?  Did you know that chronic stress is the root of almost every modern disease/chronic condition? I have helped many of my clients along the path to wellness, and I have to say almost all of them did not see results until they began to slow down, recognize, and then begin to confront their major stressors.  

Shifting Gears Nutrition philosophy holds that while having clear skin, and maintaining a healthy weight are awesome side effects to wellness, they are not the main goal.  The main goal, you ask?  It's about fine tuning a big picture wellness game plan customized for you and your body's needs.  It takes into account your financial, time, and social constraints, because after all, it will be challenging to achieve success if it is not custom designed for your life.  

Shifting gears through the Eating for Health program is not a is a lifestyle.  It includes eliminating/decreasing the foods and habits that no longer serve you. It involves pinpointing and then navigating through the negatives in your life.  It's about meeting stress head on and framing the stress you can't get rid of in a more healthful manageable light.  

A nutritious lifestyle is mostly a result of putting yourself first (which many of us dare not to do without a little nudge), and learning what foods, beverages, exercise and habits best suit the most optimum YOU.  I would be honored to help you get there.  Thanks for dropping  in.